Conciliazione Hall

Conciliazione Hall

The Conciliazione Hall, a room completely decorated like the Consiglio Comunale Hall, is part of the Palazzo dei Priori and is located within the evocative setting of Piazza del Comune, the political and cultural hub of the city of Assisi.

The building dates back to the mid-fourteenth century, although construction of the palace began in 1275 with the unification of three pre-existing buildings. In 1442 the militias of Niccolò Piccinino demolished it almost entirely. The palace was restored in 1493 at the behest of Pope Sixtus IV and cardinals Orsini and Savelli, who further expanded it to include the Monte di Pietà and the residence of the apostolic governor. The Priors, documented with certainty starting from the 1930s, lived on the upper floor while the shops opened below.

Currently the Palazzo dei Priori houses the offices of the Municipality of Assisi, conferences and events of an artistic and socio-cultural nature are held in the Conciliazione Hall.


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