Valle Santa Choir


The VALLE SANTA CHOIR is a recently formed musical group (OCTOBER 2016) born in the Santa Valle  Rieti and consisting of about 25 non-professional singers directed by M ° Elio De Francesco, Director of the Choir and violinist, who has combined his personal religious conversion through Franciscanism, with its musical, orchestral, didactic-choral and teaching experiences, carried out in the lower and upper secondary schools.

The VALLE SANTA CHOIR, wanting to contribute to the promotion of a culture of sacred music, linked by inspiration or composition to the figure of St. Francis, carries out its activity in the animation of liturgical celebrations of the Franciscan places of prayer in the Valle Santa – Rieti  and not only. To live fully this mission means to approach with prayer and humility the Word of God, proclaimed through song. A fertile ground for personal and community growth, with music and singing we want to express the joy and beauty of faith, “for the glory of God and for the sanctification of men” (MUSICAM SACRAM). It is a real program of evangelization, in which the use of music is placed at the service of a precise communication, cultural and faith project.

As Francis lived as a “pilgrim” on the path of the Santa Valley of Rieti, among his sanctuaries: Fontecolombo, Greccio, Poggio Bustone, La Foresta, so the Choir Valle Santa proposes to follow the itinerant footsteps of the Seraphic Father, bringing Franciscan music everywhere, in Italy and in the world. Moreover, since June 2018, the Choir Valle Santa has received from the Bishop of Rieti, His Excellency Monsignor Domenico POMPILI, the task of taking care of the musical development of the newly formed Interobediential Community, a fraternity of friars minor from the three Franciscan families: Capuchins, conventual and minor.

The VALLE SANTA CHOIR offered liturgical animation in solemn celebrations, presided over by the Pope’s Vicar for the Diocese of Rome, His Eminence Card. Angelo De Donatis, at the Basilica of St. Anthony at the Lateran-Rome; from the Rev. Fr. Michael Perry OFM (GENERAL   MINISTER FRIARS MINOR) to the Franciscan Sanctuary of the Greccio Presepe; from the SECRETARY OF THE CONGREGATION FOR THE INSTITUTES OF CONSECRATED LIFE and THE SOCIETIES OF APOSTOLIC LIFE, Archbishop Josè Rodriguez Carballo OFM at the Franciscan Sanctuary of the Greccio Nativity; from Rev. Marco P. Tasca OFM Conv. (GENERAL MINISTER FRIARS MINOR CONVENTUAL) at the Church of San Francesco di Rieti; at the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Porziuncola in May 2018; from S. Ecc. Mons. Domenico Pompili, Bishop of Rieti in numerous celebrations.


Direttore – Elio De Francesco

Organo – sr Bernadette Vielmi


  • Salve Sancte Pater


  • Cantico delle creature
  • Alto e glorioso Dio
  • Canto di Madonna Povertà


  • Gloria in excelsis Deo, da “Gloria” RV589

A. Mozart

  • Ave verum corpus


  • Canzone di San Damiano


  • Salve dolce Vergine
  • Benedicat

Riz Ortolani

  • Fratello sole, sorella luna

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