Symphonia Choir


The Symphonia Choir was born in Casentino inspired by a deep passion for singing and choral music. It is directed by the soprano M° Gaia Matteini since its foundation. The repertoire ranges from sacred to secular music of different ages and authors. The sacred repertoire includes an accurate study of Laudario cortonese .

The choir is very active not only in Tuscany but can boast a number of important experiences in other Italian regions and even abroad, in France and Germany.

Each year it organizes an important choral festival “Sinfonia Polifonica” that involves the whole Casentino valley in concerts and cultural events. In November, in honour of St. Cecilia, the patron of musicians, organizes a big musical event together with a festival “Una Sinfonia per il domani”, to support and promote young talents. In this occasion the choir has established an important collaboration with the association “Naturalmente pianoforte”.

Other special events include the participation in TV programs like “La canzone di noi” at TV 2000 (Rome), many Renaissance exhibitions in ancient costumes at famous castles, the setting up of Musicals like “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Les Misérables” and theatrical-musical shows like the one devoted to Arturo Toscanini acted in various stages with great success.

The choir is also engaged in projects for children with the laboratory “Piccola Symphonia” and for adults with vocal courses and musical experiments. The choir has also established a cooperation with the piano accompanist M° Rita Porcellotti.


Direttore – Gaia Matteini

Laudario di Cortona

  • Altissima luce
  • Ave Donna Santissima
  • Venite a laudare

Laud. Magliabechiano

  • Voi ch’amate lo Criatore

Laudario di Cortona

  • Troppo perde ‘l tempo


  • Ave verum corpus


  • O sacrum convivium

Riz Ortolani

  • Fratello sole, sorella luna

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