Charlie’s Gospel Angels


In 2003, Mr. Charlie Cannon founded the Charlie’s Gospel Angels choirUnder his direction, the choir, comprised of voices of all ages, has become one of the most reputable and sought after gospel choirs on the Italian Gospel music scene.

During Charlie’s Gospel Angels’ performances, the true spirit of Gospel emerges, as the choir delivers their renditions of gospel songs with intense passion and enthusiasm, engaging the audience in a joyful, intense and often moving experience. The choir stands out in the Italian Gospel scene, not only for it’s ability to convey the deepest spirit of traditional Gospel, but also for it’s contemporary approach, a characteristic evident in most of the repertoire.

Whilst the singers are all primarily of Italian origin, the Charlie’s Gospel Angels choir are able to interpret the true “soul” of Gospel, which until today, has been the prerogative mainly of Afro -American Choirs. Through the spirituality of the lyrics, the power of the music, the energy of the singers, the expressive nature and incredible voice of Charlie Cannon, along with the arrangements and piano accompaniment of the Maestro Marco Persichetti, the performances of the choir are truly a unique and memorable experience.

The choir performs regularly for musical, cultural and charity and events. They have performed in major theaters in Rome, including; the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the Auditorium della Conciliazione, the House of Jazz, the Teatro Greco, and in popular television shows broadcast by leading television channels (Rai-National Public Broadcast channel; TV2000-National Catholic TV channel).

Discography: “I Believe”, Charlie’s Gospel Angels, 2012.


Direttore – Charlie Cannon

Pianoforte – Marco Persichetti


  • Blessed be the name of the Lord
  • Kumbaya
  • Let us break bread together
  • Every praise
  • Lean on me
  • Canticle of the creatures
  • I believe
  • Wake up
  • Total praise
  • My Healer
  • Jesus, oh what a wonderful child

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