International Review of Sacred Music Franciscan

It is unanimously recognized to St. Francis, as a result of his experience in life, to have aroused in the minds of the people the awareness of praise to God, to have lightened a new flame of love to who he calls ” The highest, good lord almighty”, to whom are due “the praises, the glory, the honor, and all blessings”. In rekindling in the heart, the faith and by ordering, in virtue of apostleship, the norms of evangelical life, the senses are sharpened and the soul is turned to the love of God, so worship is revived, is raised, is inflamed. It is in this way that a new bud of love is born, that sings to God the new canticle.

For this reason, mindful of their tradition, the Franciscan families of Assisi, in collaboration with the Choir of the Basilica of St. Francis, are promoting an international festival of sacred music, a non-competitive event in which can participate, in both choral and instrumental, groups of any country and nation.

The purpose of this festival is to contribute to the promotion of a culture of sacred music, especially that related to inspiration or composition for the figure of St. Francis and the Franciscan world. Through the meeting of the various choral and instrumental groups, one wants to prove that it is possible to enhance and develop a culture of peace and cooperation among peoples and cultures in the “spirit of Assisi”.

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